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Best Ways to Speed Up a Lagging Internet Connection for Gamers

Best Ways to Speed Up a Lagging Internet Connection

Are you a gamer ? Do you stream content in 4K, or work from home? Well, no matter what you use the internet for, we are sure what brought you here. You’re tired of your lagging internet and want to give it a boost. We understand how annoying it can be when you’re in the middle of something important and your internet connection starts to slow down, it’s really unpleasant and can ruin your entire gaming experience.

We understand how inconvenient it can be for die-hard gamers, and how important it is to have a fast internet connection when gaming. Well, this is not only in the case of gaming but a fast internet is also required when you have smart home devices, you work from home, and when you stream heavy movies and TV shows. In that case, we have a few tips and advice to help you improve your internet connection immediately so that you can play games without interruption.

So, to speed up your internet connection, keep reading and try the steps and suggestions listed below.

How to speed up a slow internet connection?

Best Ways to Speed Up a Lagging Internet Connection
Best Ways to Speed Up a Lagging Internet Connection

Reset Your Router

Well, we keep using our devices because we have become addicted to using the internet all day long. When you don’t restart your router on a regular basis, the signal strength weakens with time, causing problems with your gaming sessions. We rarely let the router rest because someone in the family is always using the internet. It is indeed a good idea to reset your router once a month at the very least because this gives your device its well-needed rest while also refreshing your internet connection.

If your internet speed is slow, you can try turning your modem or router on and off, which may sound silly. While it won’t turn your internet into a super-fast connection, it will make it run more efficiently. It’s annoying, especially for gamers, to have to deal with slow internet that ruins the entire session, so give your router or modem a chance to breathe every now and then.

Upgrade or Change Your Internet Service Provider

Often, the internet service you’re using isn’t up to the task of high usages, such as gaming, using smart home gear, or streaming. It is preferable to switch internet service providers or upgrade to a package with adequate speed. Xfinity Internet is the best internet service provider that we are aware of.

The internet speed provided by Xfinity is ideal for gaming and is quite reasonable. Xfinity is a cable company that operates in 36 states and is known for its high-speed internet. It also includes an xFi Gateway router that distributes signals evenly around the house, resulting in a stable internet connection and uninterrupted gaming sessions even when numerous individuals are connected to the internet.

Try acquiring xFi Gateway if you have several devices at home that require a steady and robust internet connection, such as various smart gadgets and gaming consoles. It distributes strong signals to every corner of the house, ensuring that your internet connection is never disrupted.

If you are a diehard gaming fan, you will appreciate the fast internet download and upload speeds that come with Xfinity WiFi Internet. So, get rid of your old slow-speed router or modem and replace it with Xfinity internet and WIFi Gateway right now.

Moving Your Router to Another Room

It’s time to move your router if it’s not near your device or in a remote corner of the home because if it’s too far away from you, you won’t get good signals. This will disrupt your internet connection, and as a result of the disruption, your gaming sessions will be disrupted as well.

If you don’t want your gaming sessions to be interrupted or take a long time to load, place your router in the center of the house, where it can reach all devices, or bring it closer to your gadgets. The better your signal strength is, the better your gaming experience will be. Move your basic router closer to your device if you have one.

Buy a Smart Router

It is also the case these days that a home with several users cannot work with a single standard router due to the rising usage of the internet, and everyone, including your smart devices, wants a fast internet connection. Get a smart router/modem to make your gaming sessions, as well as your smart devices, work smoothly. Smart routers or modems, like the xFi Gateway, are quick and provide consistent signals to all of your devices throughout the house.

The modem is sleek, cool, and aesthetic, and goes well with your other smart home devices. If you are a regular gamer or you use smart home devices, we recommend you switch to a smart router because smart routers will make your gaming experience much smoother and will make your smart home devices work in integration.

Attach an Ethernet Cable

Attach an Ethernet Cable

The majority of gamers have abandoned Wi-Fi in favor of using an Ethernet cable for gaming. Consider cabled connections, such as Ethernet, if wireless connections aren’t always fast. Ethernet is always faster and more dependable than wireless connections because it sends signals directly to your device via a cable, allowing you to get more done in less time.

It is one of the most efficient ways to kill internet lag especially when you are gaming or working. Ethernet is also recognized to be safer than other internet connections, and you can use an Ethernet cable to connect practically all of your gaming equipment. An Ethernet cable is recommended for gamers in particular because they want the highest speed, which an Ethernet cable gives.

Disconnect All Extra Devices

Several devices that are not in use are frequently connected to the internet at the same time. When you see your internet connection lagging, disconnect any extra devices that aren’t in use from the internet so that you don’t have to settle with scattered internet. When you unplug all of your other devices, your internet connection will be less disrupted, and your games will run more smoothly.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If you’re still having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with your router or internet after trying the methods above, call your internet service provider. It is rather typical for the general network to have problems, and a simple phone call can get them to fix the problem for you. So, if none of these suggestions work the next time, call your internet service provider and have them fix your internet speed for you.

Final Thoughts About Speed Up a Lagging Internet Connection for Gamers

So, if you are a die-hard gamer who’s constantly frustrated by a slow internet connection that causes you to wait for hours and destroys your games, try these methods and strategies to improve your internet speed. A lagging internet not only ruins your gaming experience but also makes a mess when you try to make your smart devices work.

We know how annoying it is to have a poor internet connection that destroys your gaming experience and doesn’t let your smart devices sync, so use the advice above to have uninterrupted gaming sessions and make your devices work in integration.

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