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Facts Why Fashion Is So Important For Youth?

Peoples especially young age adopt trending fashion. The fashion industry devotion to the world is uncountable it leads us in different ways to represent ourselves. It is an essential part of a teenager’s day-to-day life. Attractive things trends in fashion. whatever the person choices are, everyone feels they must have to be popular whether it is in high schools, fashion play’s vital role in creating an individual “attitude”.

What’s Fashion Means To Youth?

Fashion teaches the youth how to carry themself, and how to be live sophisticated, grace full. Through fashion sense, they can easily represent themselves.

Why Fashion Is Important

Fashion is important because it represents history and culture and makes the connection between different people. The best way to enjoy fashion is to wear what you love to wear. it is also not restricted to self-expression only, but it also means of self-improvement and confidence. In short fashion, itself is a means of expressing yourself that allows people to engage with many roles in life. Whether you prefer hip hop or Chanel chic, fashion makes chameleons a part of us all. It is a way of celebrating the diversity and options of the world in which we live. Fashion is about a transformation that is needed to keep life interesting. It is also a kind of mirror on society. It is a way of measuring mood which can be useful in many aspects, culturally, socially, and even psychologically. At the same time, fashion should not be taken too seriously otherwise you will lose the fun of it.

How Does Fashion Influence Teenagers?

According to the research, fashion influence teenager by their role model they like to carry their choice of dressing, way of talking, and style. Youth exactly wants to copy their favourite personality. Even most teens feel that they need to match their standards. However, the internet impacts some teenagers. Just as they saw on the internet what’s going on they follow the same thing and it’s bad affects their life. Because most teens compare themself with what they see in magazines and the internet which impact their body image.

Does Fashion Play A Role In Society?

Fashion plays a major role in our society, and it affects the social aspects of our society. however, it’s both negative and positive views of our society. Fashion most importantly reflects on the person’s choices everyone wears a dress for that comfort zone instead of thinking about people.

Aim Of Fashion

Even fashion also take care of the prospective to wear. There are some reasons to wear

Cold Protection

Safety from cold, rain and snow. Places like mountain climbers wear high-tech outwear to ignore the fever or illness.

Physical Attraction

Style to grab the attention or inspire others.


Dress up which is eye captivating when you’re happy and down when are not in the mood.

Religious Dress up

Men wear long black suits and women who belong to Islamic culture cover themselves by wearing long suits or abaya.

Tradition & Identification

People who belong to the defence forces wear military uniforms, brides wear specific bridal designer outfits, but the colour will depend on her choice or according to their tradition, judges dress up robes.
One certain thing is permanent in fashion and its revolution which occurs from time to time. Continuously new fashion ideas are introduced from music, books, videos, television, and social media. Even from movies we get ideas and decide the colour and design of the outfit. Fashion is art or passion to make changes from time to time which is necessary to keep things or life interesting. No matter what to wear but just be yourself, wear whatever you want!

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